Music Therapy

little girl playing musicThe Music Therapy Fund

Music therapy helps develop communication, social interaction and emotional expression for children who find language difficult or impossible. It also helps develop fine motor skills, eye contact and self awareness.

Over 100 children each year benefit from the Music Therapy programmes offered to children who attend assessment and intervention groups at Honeylands Specialist Child Assessment Centre either in a group situation or on a one-to-one basis by our qualified music therapists. Most children referred by the multi disciplinary team come from groups with autistic spectrum disorder, complex and multiple needs, and sensory difficulties.

Music therapy costs Honeylands Children’s Charity in excess of £40,000.00 per year to provide with generous support over several years from major grant givers and many smaller local companies and organisations including Children In Need, Towersey Foundation, and Jessies Fund. The charity also fundraises for this purpose with successful music concerts. A donation from the Roald Dahl Foundation has also been given to the charity specifically so that our respite children could also benefit from this therapy.


Music Therapy makes a real difference.musictherapy

Most of us enjoy music in one way or another. Sometimes we find it relaxing, sometimes stimulating but always life enhancing. These benefits that come from enjoying music are just as important for children with special needs.
However, Music Therapy is not just about enjoyment or even teaching musical skills it is about setting and reaching important developmental goals for individual children.
Music is a means of communication for those who find speech impossible or inadequate and helps children to explore their emotions.