Sam’s Story

Sam was a generally silent, shy, two year old with severe physical difficulties of posture and head control which limited all his movement and made it difficult for him to play an instrument. He lacked the confidence to join in the music sessions.

He was referred for individual music therapy with his mother Sarah. and soon began to feel safe with  music environment and found the confidence to play with both hands. By the end of the first session, Sam was eager to sit up, hold up his head and try to hold a beater and play the cymbal.  Soon he was playing loudly and exuberantly, although to begin with this was still in sharp contrast to other social situations, where he remained much quieter. Gradually, his attention span increased and also his ability to sustain energetic playing on the drum and cymbal, which was a huge improvement in his fine motor skills and strength. Sam’s language skills developed and he joined in signing parts of familiar songs with the music therapist and chose the instruments he wanted to play by name.

Although Sam continues to have significant physical difficulties he is a sociable little boy who loves singing loudly and strumming his guitar. He remains confident and outgoing in music lessons at his school.